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August 5, 2010

Homemade Pillows & Paintings

   To add personality into a room, some things have to be done by you. Doing things by yourself will give you precisely what you want and will save you some money! My mother and I went to the store and bought different fabrics with pretty patterns and sewed it into pillow covers. Instead of buying a painting for hundreds of dollars, you can do it yourself! That way you've added your personal stamp to your home. I have painted a few myself  this summer. Enjoy the pictures!
This olive and wine painting reminds me of an evening at a restaurant, like the names of the colors.
This bold purple painting has a silver design  that continues onto the second piece, which adds a touch of elegance.
This is a very modern painting which is on the wall of my room.
This is a large, graphic, funky painting.
These are my two favorite shades of purple and blue blended together.
This is a material that I chose. It's silk with a black velvet pattern.
This is a material my mom chose which is a very graphic pattern.
These three colors blended together represents the beach. An abstract image of the glowing sands during a sunset at the beach.
This is my abstract Eiffel tower which is a little flat, but if you look closely at the bottom of the trees and the bottom of the Eiffel tower you'll see some depth...I hope. At the top there is the whitish yellowish moon, or it's a gigantic pancake as my dad says.