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September 29, 2010

White and Gold Event

White and Gold has always been a very sophisticated color combination for a wedding event. It brings waves of elegance into an event. I especially like the large bow on the Vera Wang wedding dress, and those shoes are exquisite!

(Image credit: Sunday Suppers, Cannelle et Vanille, 100 Layer Cake, Jose Villa, Martha Stewart.)

September 27, 2010

Suave Symmetry

Somehow symmetry really catches my eye...the perfectly aligned furniture, positioned neatly throughout the rooms. I feel symmetry comes together better in dining rooms with the long tables and straight rows of elegant chairs..."Sigh".

(Image credit: pink wallpaper, Carrier and Company, delight by design, Jan Showers.)

September 26, 2010

Neat Naturals

Bringing natural elements into a room is almost like bringing the outdoors, indoors. Usually using neutral shades like tans, grays and whites gives a rustic and antique feel rather than urban. Ex: different types of natural wood.

(Image credit: restoration hardware, west elm, Atlanta Homes Magazine, Lonny.)

September 25, 2010

Breezy Blue Event

As we watch the summer go by, we are trying to enjoy the last of our outdoor events. In this case, the color scheme is sky blue and bright white - a cooling combination that brings a restful frame of mind. There's a beautiful pattern on the cake linking to the napkin border. And last but not least the trendy J. Mendel dress.

(Image credit: J. Mendel, Martha Stewart,  jose villa, bird and banner, sunday suppers.)

September 24, 2010

Color: Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a shade of pink that is very feminine and bold- I have always loved this shade of color. It's energetic and fun and also has an element of elegance to make a place look sophisticated. These are small pops of fuchsia to a mostly neutral color palette.

(Image credit: Martha Stewart, House Beautiful,, Living etc.)

September 23, 2010

Color: Opalescent Color Palette

 I saw this beautiful color inspiration palette by Martha Stewart, called Opalescent. Opalescent is an interesting concept- different shades of the color can be seen when the amount of light varies. In this case there are lots of pale pinks,  purples and yellows. The delightful little goodies like the candy boxes and the pyramids are perfect for a ladies event!
(Image credit: Martha Stewart.)

September 21, 2010

Chole 2011 Resort

I couldn't help but post these lovely Chloe outfits which are each so unique and different from one another. One is a pink shirt over a pink bottom, one is a collared, white tiered dress with a sash and another is a pastel colored, printed dress. This diversity makes a perfect collection!

(Image credit: House Beautiful, Tom Scheerer, Canadian house and Home, 

September 20, 2010

Sleek and Modern

There are times when I'm drawn to clean, uncluttered, spare are some pictures of ultra modern rooms that are comfortable, relaxed spaces without being clinical and cold. The features that bring this  look together are the wide expanse of glass, the floor to ceiling windows, the geometric shapes, & the thin and straight silhouettes...not to mention the light colors, the dramatic location and views !!(In the first two pics.)
(Image credit: Crate&Barrel, West Elm.)

September 19, 2010

Color: Melon

Melon is a vibrant color that you cannot overlook. With a single graphic pattern, it sends a joyful vibe throughout the room. You can feel the energy of the color in the the contemporary furniture!

Here, is a Chloe dress, dvf scarf, Kate Spade bag and bracelet- which I adore, and Sigerson Morrison shoes. The Kate Spade bracelet is made of delicate pearls along strands of gold.
(Image credit: Elle Decor, Delight by Design, Chloe dress, dvf, Kate Spade, Sigerson Morrison shoes.)

September 18, 2010

Vintage Modern Event

This modern event is tied together with black and whites and some detailed designs. The light shoes are almost pink and project a pretty feminine look while the black & white cake adds a touch of vintage elegance  just like the invitation's design. Then the silverware finishes off the look with a sleek and contemporary touch.

(Image credit: Vera Wang dress, Minted, Georg Jensen, 100 layer cake, Jose Villa, Maples Wedding Cakes.)

Beautiful Neutrals

At this time of the year it's supposed to gradually start becoming colder, but here, in Texas, it still feels like summer ! To bring in the feel of cool autumn weather, I picked some beautiful, neutral colored rooms that are very warm and welcoming......

September 11, 2010

The Selby Contest: CB2

CB2 is holding a contest called the Selby is in your place, where you send three pictures of your creative space and get as many votes as you can. My mom and I entered this contest and entered three pictures of this room. My mother stitched two of the pillow covers which we had picked. Previously, I showed the same room without the sofa. We just got this beautiful tufted mid-century modern sofa from Macy's a few weeks ago. Now we nicely spiced up the room with some nature and greenery and moved the furniture around. Vote for us at
(Image credit: Nithya Ramachandran.)

Exotic Indian Party Wear

India is a land of amazing fabrics spanning the realm of colors, textures, patterns and intricate thread work. The sheer variety of textiles, from natural fabrics like silk, cotton, and wool, to man-made fabrics, like chiffon, georgette, velvet, crepe, jacquard etc, are popular not only in India but also being increasingly recognized and in demand in other parts of the world. Party wear in India is particularly exotic with a mix of color combinations and patterns in one outfit that seems disparate  but somehow comes together so seamlessly. The effortless mix of the traditional styles with modern patterns and weaves dominate the Indian fashion industry today. 

(Image credit: sanginionline)

September 5, 2010

Kate Spade shoes: Bright colors

Kate Spade shoes say happiness just by the colors. The purple is so perfect on the glossy patent leather flats with a pearl bauble, it's hard not to want it!!
(Image credit: Kate spade.)