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August 1, 2010

Family Room

My mom loves buying furniture at estate sales and refinishing them...these are different parts of our family room which we rearranged. A lot of these are from an estate sale and we are waiting for a sofa that we ordered which is really amazing, and here are the pictures.
This is the quiet sitting area where I usually like to read. The chair is very comfy and I like the tufted seat and the sleek legs.

The new sofa will be situated where the two white chairs currently are. I will post pictures once the sofa arrives.

The wall space next to the bookshelf.

This picture captures almost the whole space and you can see all the little details.

Another view of the family room. The wall space next to the bookshelf contains an antique plant stand.

A campaign style writing desk and a vignette of found objects make up a corner of the family room.