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August 2, 2010

Calm or Bold?

We (my mom and I) redid the master bedroom of our house. We changed the wall color from a bright orange to a calming beige. It's amazing what a change of accessories and curtains could do to change the entire look of the space. I wanted to go with the red and browns, but my mom wanted her bedroom more calming. I liked both so we ended up doing all browns. Unfortunately we had to keep our old bed which takes up a lot of space which is too bad, but I still liked the way it turned out. Check out the pictures below!

The bedroom before the makeover.

This is after the makeover and shows the wall across the bed.

This one and the next one are the pictures with the light curtains. (This is how we kept it.)

This picture and the next two have the dark accents.


 (Photo credit: Nithya Ramachandran- check out her photography blog: