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August 29, 2010

Erica Eriksdotter Art

These are acrylic paintings by Erica Eriksdotter whose website I found from coco+kelley blog. Erica does bold paintings that can brighten up a room and soft paintings that cools down a room. I put the floral paintings because those are my favorites.
(Image credit: Studio Eriksdotter.)

August 27, 2010

Bold and Beautiful

These are picture from Angie Hranowsky's Portfolio. I saw her designs and she is now one of my favorite designers! I like that she uses bright colors and neutral colors, and sometimes carries the same color schemes throughout a house. I also love the bold and graphic patterns she uses in furniture and decoration.

(Image credit: Angie Hranowski.)

Fashion: Carolina Herrera 2011 Resort

These are some dresses from the Carolina Herrera 2011 resort. I especially like the one with the bold pops of red. I seem like it wouldn't match, but goes perfectly with the dress!
Such fun pieces!
(Image credit:

August 23, 2010

Summer Garden Party

This sweet garden party has elegant tones like the white and pale pink. The theme is cherry blossoms which is the perfect theme for a sweet sixteen party. The drinks being served are lavender lemonade...I wonder how that would taste.

("Image credit: Martha Stewart Weddings, Karin A., Tec Pataja.)

August 12, 2010

Turquoise Chic

Turquoise is a bold but soothing color and looks great on accessories. I especially love the gold plated bracelet and the pumps. Also on the design board is the Calico Juno earrings and the Calypso scarf. Such gorgeous accessories that will add flair to your wardrobe!

(Image credit: The Outnet, Couture Candy, Calypso Celle.)

August 10, 2010

The Garden Room

This living room is amazing! Homes and Gardens says, "Fill your living room with light with a floor-to-ceiling class wall. Low-level planting creates the illusion of being in the outdoors." That's so true because of the plants outside the glass you feel like you're outside. That orange chair is very interesting- I've never seen a chair like it, and the pillow is placed at an angle.

(Image credit: Homes and Gardens.)

Beach Feel

I love the clean, cooling and beachy feel to a room, because it gives the room a very nice feel. This bedroom is mostly white with some yellowish orange accents and dark wooden pieces. And there's an outfit below to match the room.

(Image credit: Tom Scheerer, Polyvore.)

 (Image credit: Delight by Design, Polyvore.)

August 9, 2010

Printed Blues

I think that blue is a great color to wear during winter- I know I'll have more blues in my wardrobe. And those cascade earrings are something really great. I would love to have them!
(Image credit: Matthew Williamson dress, Kate Spade shoes, Marc Jacobs bag, Isharya cascade earrings.)

August 7, 2010

Clean, Casual and Graphic

Designer Courtney Giles likes to mix antiques with modern furniture and abstract art. I absolutely love the look! These are pictures of a townhouse she designed.

I love the bookshelves and the  coffee table but the painting is the best part. It's very bold and abstract.
This dining room says simple, and once again the painting is beautiful!
This room would, really, fit in well in a  beach house, with all the simple, white pieces.

(Image credit: Atlanta Homes magazine.)

Color : Cocoa

These cocoa pieces give an elegant casual look starting with the Capannina dress, the Elaphe snake handbag, the crystal headband and my favorite part, the sandals!
(Image credit: Stella McCartney scarf, Lola Swarovski crystal hairband, Jimmy Choo handbag, Calypso dress, Leather sandals.)

August 5, 2010

Homemade Pillows & Paintings

   To add personality into a room, some things have to be done by you. Doing things by yourself will give you precisely what you want and will save you some money! My mother and I went to the store and bought different fabrics with pretty patterns and sewed it into pillow covers. Instead of buying a painting for hundreds of dollars, you can do it yourself! That way you've added your personal stamp to your home. I have painted a few myself  this summer. Enjoy the pictures!
This olive and wine painting reminds me of an evening at a restaurant, like the names of the colors.
This bold purple painting has a silver design  that continues onto the second piece, which adds a touch of elegance.
This is a very modern painting which is on the wall of my room.
This is a large, graphic, funky painting.
These are my two favorite shades of purple and blue blended together.
This is a material that I chose. It's silk with a black velvet pattern.
This is a material my mom chose which is a very graphic pattern.
These three colors blended together represents the beach. An abstract image of the glowing sands during a sunset at the beach.
This is my abstract Eiffel tower which is a little flat, but if you look closely at the bottom of the trees and the bottom of the Eiffel tower you'll see some depth...I hope. At the top there is the whitish yellowish moon, or it's a gigantic pancake as my dad says.

August 3, 2010

Cutie Pinky

This is my little cousin in a pink beret and glasses from Claire's Icing. I think the items are too big for her but she still looks great! So cute! It's funny how the beret is hanging over her ear...

(Image credit : Shivali)

August 2, 2010

Calm or Bold?

We (my mom and I) redid the master bedroom of our house. We changed the wall color from a bright orange to a calming beige. It's amazing what a change of accessories and curtains could do to change the entire look of the space. I wanted to go with the red and browns, but my mom wanted her bedroom more calming. I liked both so we ended up doing all browns. Unfortunately we had to keep our old bed which takes up a lot of space which is too bad, but I still liked the way it turned out. Check out the pictures below!

The bedroom before the makeover.

This is after the makeover and shows the wall across the bed.

This one and the next one are the pictures with the light curtains. (This is how we kept it.)

This picture and the next two have the dark accents.


 (Photo credit: Nithya Ramachandran- check out her photography blog:

August 1, 2010

Family Room

My mom loves buying furniture at estate sales and refinishing them...these are different parts of our family room which we rearranged. A lot of these are from an estate sale and we are waiting for a sofa that we ordered which is really amazing, and here are the pictures.
This is the quiet sitting area where I usually like to read. The chair is very comfy and I like the tufted seat and the sleek legs.

The new sofa will be situated where the two white chairs currently are. I will post pictures once the sofa arrives.

The wall space next to the bookshelf.

This picture captures almost the whole space and you can see all the little details.

Another view of the family room. The wall space next to the bookshelf contains an antique plant stand.

A campaign style writing desk and a vignette of found objects make up a corner of the family room.